VMix Call Tutorial

Dear speakers, keynote speakers and moderators,

On this website we would like to give you an overview of the technical possibilities for a virtual transmission. To ensure the quality of the transmission, we use a video mixing system from the broadcasting and TV sector, called „VMix“.

In the following, we would like to show you how to use this, what you should pay attention to and which technical equipment we recommend.

Please excuse, that we have not yet produced our video tutorial in english. 

broadtcasting software

What's Vmix?

Vmix is a professional software solution for TV and broadcasting. With this software the incoming video and sound signals are processed, managed and mixed in the control room. The resulting program signal can then be transmitted.

A very important function of the Vmix software is the so-called „VMix Call“. Images and audio signals from connected people are transmitted directly to the control room via the Internet.

In the following, we would like to explain to you exactly which technical requirements and precautions you should create in order to enable optimal transmission of your video and audio signal.



The following precautions should be taken to ensure high quality broadcasts:

  • You need a stable, wired internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 20 Mbit / s for download and 20 Mbit / s for upload
    • Make sure that other users of the Internet connection in your office or house also access the bandwidth of your connection and thereby impair it. We recommend that no additional devices access your Internet connection during a transmission
    • Please make sure to use a permanent internet connection (DSL, ADSL, fiber optic). The use of mobile Internet connections such as cell phone hotspots, UMTS or LTE routers such as Giga or Telekom Cubes should not be used
    • Connect your computer to your router using a network cable. A connection through a WLAN network is not recommended
    • You can test the speed of your internet connection directly on this page. To do this, click on „LOS“ in our speed test.
  • Provide a clear and bright environment
    • Make sure to avoid loud background noise in your environment (closing doors, people, etc.)
    • Turn your phone and cell phone to silent mode
    • Use a small, relatively „anechoic“ room (little reverberation)
    • Make sure there is good lighting from the front
    • You shouldn’t have windows or strong lights in your background as the webcam would automatically darken the image
  • Prepare your computer (PC or Mac) to dial in via Vmix
    • Please download the Chrome browser. You can find this under the following link Download Google Chrome 
    • Your presentation will not be run from your computer. To ensure the transmission quality, the presentation is sent directly from the control room. For this reason, please send us your presentation on the agreed date, including all audio and video recordings.



Before the event or before your test run, we will send you an email with a link to the dial-in website and your dial-in number.

Please open the link in the „Google Chrome“ browser. The website you will be taken to will be similar to the one shown here.

Right at the beginning you will be asked to enter your name for the internet clicker. Please be sure to enter this so that we can activate you. With this tool you have the possibility to remotely control your presentation (if you have one), which is being played in our studio.

Second, in the green area –  „VMix Call“  – please enter your first and last name in the „Name“ field and your dial-in number in the „Password“ field. Then click on „Join Call“.

You will be connected directly to us in the studio.

ZPG Vmix Call


Das Vmix Care PACK

The „VMix Care Package“ will be sent to you on loan by a courier. This will be picked up from you at the end of the event.

The „Vmix Care Package“ includes the following equipment:

The USB Webcam

Please insert the USB webcam into a free USB slot on your computer. If you do not have enough USB slots available on your computer, please use the USB hub / distributor provided. We ask you to use the „Google Chrome Browser“ for the transfer.

Enter the following link in the Google Chrome browser to access the camera settings directly. chrome: // settings / content / camera? search = camera

The exact explanation of the settings and selection of the USB webcam for the transmission can be found in our video tutorial from minute 02:30

The USB clip microphone

Plug the USB clip microphone into an additional free USB slot on your computer.

Enter the following link in the Google Chrome browser to access the camera settings directly.

chrome: // settings / content / microphone? search = microphone

The exact explanation of the settings and selection of the USB webcam for the transmission can be found in our video tutorial from minute 02:30

The USB hub / distributor

Use the USB hub or distributor if your computer does not have enough USB slots.

If your computer has sufficient USB slots available, please do without the USB hub.

The in-ear headphones (earplugs)

Connect the headphones to the headphone jack on your computer. Select the headphones in the audio settings of your computer (if they have not already been selected automatically).

The headphones will not be returned, they will remain with you.

The instructions for the audio settings can be found in our video tutorial from minute 02:30

control your presentation from your webbrowser

the Internetclicker

After you have dialed in via the VMix Call, you will see the video image sent to the audience which shows your presentation during your presentation.

In order to transmit your presentation in stable quality, it will be played directly from the studio and not from you at home. We ask you to send us your presentation including all media files (videos and audio recordings) by the agreed date.

You use a digital remote control to control your presentation.

Please be sure to enter your name for both the Internetclicker and VMix at the beginning when opening the Internet page we have sent you to dial in. This is the only way we can assign your presentation exactly to your control.

A website opens on your computer or smartphone on which you can see two arrows (red / green). You can start your presentation with these arrows.

In the upper part of the screen the timer shows you the remaining time for your presentation.

Our direction can send you messages via the blue field.


Questions and Contact

We hope that with these instructions we have been able to provide you with assistance in dialing in and using the Vmix call. We look forward to welcoming you to the upcoming event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ZPG employee who will look after your event at any time.

Of course, you can contact our employees directly via our office on +49 (0) 8232 996 45 65 or in writing via email.